A Walk In Melbourne

Shot on Friday January 27th, 2012 – Just a regular afternoon

I often go for walks with my camera and just shoot pictures. The think I like about pictures is you can spend as much or little time looking at them – the choice is all with the viewer, and you can find different things depending on where you look. Video, on the other hand, is a little more passive for the viewer – only option is to pause, which is a pain the ass, or to leave. Timing is all in the creation. Too slow, and it can get stale; to fast and you miss things.

What I wanted to do was shoot video instead of things I may photograph. Some elements work very well as video, whereas they might not be as interesting in a photo. A waving flag, as an example. Having the video slowed down, as much as possible (given light, etc), creates a surreal feeling that takes it out from normal and into a different, more artistic space.

In addition ‘what it is’, I also wanted to give it a street-ee kind of feel. Something people from Melbourne can relate to, or others could wish to perhaps see. This is just a snapshot of a few hours walking around with a camera and tripod as the sun goes down.

How I did it

It was produced in a pretty unproductive way of converting each video clip shot at 60fps to PNG (image) files from Quicktime Pro, then reassembled at 24fps in Quicktime Pro as a mov (with a reference to the images, not a standalone clip). FinalCut Express doesn’t support high frame-rates, so I had to manually do it.

The editing was done in FinalCut Express, and one little tip is to have a cut to the beat of the music. The simple and lazy way is to have song 1 beat per second – this way it’s simpler to keep it all in time. So, the song was composed in Logic at 120 beats per minute (i.e. 2 beats per second).

Lastly, as a side-note, I found the video quality MUCH better on Vimeo over YouTube from the same upload file. Vimeo do something smarter, not sure what, but guessing it has something to do with the bitrate / conversion.

The visuals are as shot, with no real processing, so the Canon 7D gets great colours, but was all shot at full manual control. Hope you like it…

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