Organ Pipes National Park, Victoria, Australia

Seeing as I had a day off, I decided to head a little out of Melbourne to the Organ Pipes National Park. It has some really interesting rock features, as well as some nice natural bush and wildlife. We saw plenty of birds and wallabys, but there are also snakes, echidnas and wombats – which we didn’t see.

As I am no scientist / geologist, more information is available from the Parks Victoria Website: “The Organ Pipes, a set of basalt columns formed by the cooling and cracking of molten lava”.

One night in Sydney

Had a pretty crazy 24 hours that involved my Dad getting married to Gina, a flight to Sydney, dinner and then coming home. All pretty whirlwind crazy and fun – strange to leave a wedding when it’s all happening, and cool at the same time. Our hotel for the night was wonderful and had an awesome view of Sydney, and dinner was awesome. Even though the ‘holiday’ was ridiculously short, it was a great experience thanks to Dad and Gina.

Hardware Lane to Degraves Street, Melbourne, at Night

Having A Camera All The Time…

I needed to head to Melbourne to get some more memory and iTunes cards – I have video shoot, and I can’t run out of memory, and there’s a special on iTunes cards, which I can use to buy Aperture 3 at a lower price. In any-case, I took my new best friend, old X100. Yes, my Friday night best friend is a camera. So, no flash, no tripod, and very little light and these are a couple snaps I got.

As for the colour treatments, they are razzed up with the new Aperture 3 preset called Toy Camera. Some of the shots are pretty dark, but i prefer more blacks than too much noise. Many of these shots were at 3200 ISO; any higher and they really fall apart.

Canon 7D Vs FujiFilm X100


I’ve now had the x100 for a week and results have been very impressive. So much so, it’s looking to be my go-to camera over my 7D, despite the fact it’s not as flexible from a shooting perspective. The 7D has it’s place, but it’s looking to be the ‘formal’ guy.

In the week, I’ve had it in bars for live music, pubs for casual friend shots, an engagement party, had a couple of night walks and it’s really holding up. Auto focus is sometimes an issue, which is a real problem, because manual focus is kinda useless. What’s jumped at me is how well, and specifically against the 7D, the good photos turn out.

As a little test, I decided to take them out for a short walk and see how they both work at night with a very non scientific compare.


Canon 7D with 24-105L f4, shot at 24mm at f4 640 iso
FujiFilm x100, shot at 23mm at f4 640 iso

All shots have been taken with auto white balance and auto focus on tripods with 2 second timed delay. Shutter speed is varied, but is manually set based on the camera light metering. Both have APSC sensors, and the major difference in my shooting is the 23mm to 24mm field of view, but I think this is livable. Pictures are as is from camera – only resized down. No straightening, obviously, no color correction, no anything except for ‘web-i-fying’.

Last comments

I know the 7D is way more versatile, but the difference in size is so appealing. Just as a little comment on my walk, there were no accidental knocks with the X100, as compared to the 7D, bumping tripods and so on. When on my shoulder, I hardly noticed it – and nor do strangers. I know the X100 can’t do as much, what what it can do is be on me all the time.

The shots – 7D first, then X100

Tuesday walk from Richmond to Melbourne

Had a couple ours to kill, so I took the Fuji X100 out to see how it performs at night. Most of these shots were taken with a tripod, with ISO ranging from 800 – 3200. 3200 with enough light performs alright, but when there are dark blacks, the noise jumps out a little more than I’d like.

Shooting Raw Files

These images started as RAW images, but the real pain is not being able to use Aperture 2 with them – I need to upgrade to v3, which is $120 more than I’d care to spend… So, for now, I have settled with the dodgy RAW File convertor provided with the camera. As for the colour treatments, this was using a preset within the app called ‘Nostalgic Toy Camera’.

Burwood Cemetery with my new Fuji X100

I’ve got a new Fujifilm X100!

I have decided that I want to keep this thing on me as much as possible. Unlike my Canon 7D, it’s much smaller, but it takes wonderful photos thanks to its fast lens and large sensor. On my daily commute to work, I pass the Burwood Cemetery, and I thought I’d jump out for a quick walk through it on my way home tonight.