Hoping for an interesting shoot

A Camera with a Bike Attached

The Idea – Pre Shoot

Sometimes the best ideas (questionable, yes) don’t really go to plan. This is one of those examples, where the idea was somewhar simple. Get a photo of a bike handle bar with the ribbon blowing off into the wind. Hopefully, this would capture a combination of background blur, motion blur and elements in focus, all in the one shot. More so, capture a shot that reminds us of childhood, along with associated freedom and fun.

Not having a bike was the first obstacle, so I managed to buy a second hand one for under $20. I couldn’t ride it easily, but I could roll on it or run while holding it. To get the camera fixed was a quite a task. It had to be pretty well fixed to the bike, enough to hold it steady with a guarantee it wouldn’t fall off – the 7d camera is worth considerably more than the bike.  A combination of fixing of gaffa tape and cable ties was good enough. I also wanted to double fix the camera to the tripod, so some extra cable ties there too. All said, I was still concerned with a massive camera on the front – if it fell over, the camera would not be happy.

The Shoot

Heading outside got a fair bit of attention; passers by while I walked it to the park, then the kids at the park. The kids were in love with it – they were yelling ‘wow, a camera bike, where do you get these?’ and just wanting to look at the camera screen and touch the bloody thing. Oh well, thats okay… Kids will be kids. Eventually I was able to start taking some photos, but I wasn’t really getting what I wanted. I had to run and use the remote shutter to take 15 or 20 shots.

The Results…

Not as happy as I’d like, but still worthwhile. Some blurred, some over exposed, all took a bit of tweaking, but still never really got there. At the end of it though, an interesting experience. On the plus side, one of the girls was very happy to take the bike off my hands after many “that’s a really pretty bike, it’s my size”, etc, and me happy to off-load it. I was only going to return it to the second hand shop anyways.

What else?

The photos are below, and we taken with a FujiFilm X100. The camera used on the bike is a Canon 7D.

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As you can see, the bike is small and the camera is big...

Bike from side with camera attached
Download hi-res "Bike from side with camera attached " photo
Bike with attached camera in action

I wasn't really sure if I should use my hand, because they are clearly not a child's hand anymore. But without it, I am not sure. Overexposed they look like less of a 29 year old.

Pushing the pushy
Download hi-res "Bike with attached camera in action " photo
Bike in motion with kids chasing

Here is one of the kids chasing me along. I didn't actually want them in shot, but I couldn't tell them off, really.

Bike with kids chasing
Download hi-res "Bike in motion with kids chasing " photo

Download hi-res "Bike in motion " photo
Bike with double attached camera

This is how I double fixed it to the bike, strapped to the tripod to ensure no serious movement.

Download hi-res "Bike with double attached camera " photo

Download hi-res "A Bike with attached camera view 1 " photo

What the camera sees
Download hi-res "What the camera sees " photo

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