Hardware Lane to Degraves Street, Melbourne, at Night

Having A Camera All The Time…

I needed to head to Melbourne to get some more memory and iTunes cards – I have video shoot, and I can’t run out of memory, and there’s a special on iTunes cards, which I can use to buy Aperture 3 at a lower price. In any-case, I took my new best friend, old X100. Yes, my Friday night best friend is a camera. So, no flash, no tripod, and very little light and these are a couple snaps I got.

As for the colour treatments, they are razzed up with the new Aperture 3 preset called Toy Camera. Some of the shots are pretty dark, but i prefer more blacks than too much noise. Many of these shots were at 3200 ISO; any higher and they really fall apart.

Burwood Cemetery with my new Fuji X100

I’ve got a new Fujifilm X100!

I have decided that I want to keep this thing on me as much as possible. Unlike my Canon 7D, it’s much smaller, but it takes wonderful photos thanks to its fast lens and large sensor. On my daily commute to work, I pass the Burwood Cemetery, and I thought I’d jump out for a quick walk through it on my way home tonight.