Tuesday walk from Richmond to Melbourne

Had a couple ours to kill, so I took the Fuji X100 out to see how it performs at night. Most of these shots were taken with a tripod, with ISO ranging from 800 – 3200. 3200 with enough light performs alright, but when there are dark blacks, the noise jumps out a little more than I’d like.

Shooting Raw Files

These images started as RAW images, but the real pain is not being able to use Aperture 2 with them – I need to upgrade to v3, which is $120 more than I’d care to spend… So, for now, I have settled with the dodgy RAW File convertor provided with the camera. As for the colour treatments, this was using a preset within the app called ‘Nostalgic Toy Camera’.

Tram Windows

Post from my iPad with camera connection kit using Canon 7D

via WordPress for iPad

This something new for me. I’ve got an iPad and a canon 7d. Throw in a camera connection kit, a tram trip and a free version of Photoshop Express, and this is what you get. Nothing spectacular, but an interesting little road-test, nonetheless.

What I like

The mobility. The ability to do this without the need for a traditional computer. Having a quick touch-up/crop tool in Photoshop express. Even specify the size of the image to upload. Being able to connect a keyboard via bluetooth is handy too. Pretty cool

And not so much

It’s a bit cumbersome – and not having a wysiwyg editor. This is barebones HTML editing on a mobile device! Not a massive problem (for me), and I’m guessing it will be fixed (i.e. a better ‘composer’). But i’m sure a blocker for many.

Some photos from the boring tram trip to work

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Dear Metro


As much as the letter below is a bit of a joke, it does have its merit. I was hoping for a better / more personalised reply, but no luck with that.

The Letter

Dear Metro

As a frequent commuter on Metro Trains, I am willing to accept train delays; dare I say it, expect them. Consistency is the key with any logistical task, and therefore, I can live with the regular minute or 3 delay.

What I cannot accept is inconsistency, as this can have absolutely negative impact my day. Where justifications must be made and my punctuality is questioned, I do feel I need to provide feedback when it pertains to the performance of Metro Trains.

This morning, Friday 8th July at 6:54am Richmond > Dandenong, my train was departing – doors closed and rolling out – at 6:54:09am. Completely unexpected, and absolutely frustrating, I had no options but to wait until the 7:11am Cranbourne train. The thing that really disappoints me is the fact this train had to, in order to be already departing, right on time or even early.

Please take this feedback on-board, and know that the only aspect that really disappoints me is the consistency of service.

I do like the work Metro have done with regards to cleanliness of trains, assistants at major stations and the retro branding of the trains.

Best Regards,

Steven Wright

The Response

Dear Mr Wright

Thank you for your feedback.

Your comments are acknowledged and have been brought to the attention of the appropriate team at Metro.

The feedback you have provided is an important part of monitoring our performance and services and has also been included in our Customer Insight report to Executive Management, to identify trends and determine appropriate improvements.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Interesting Observation

My ‘Case Number’ was 2011/63275. One hour later, I logged a fake (even more-so) email to see the new number was 2011/63306.

So, in one hour, they received 31 complaints Рone every two minutes. That is quite a few!