Melbourne at Night in Wet at 28mm

One thing that i have gotten considerable use from is Google+ with regards to photographers. Having liked the work of Trey Ratcliff, Martin Ollman, Christian Krieglsteiner, Ingo Meckmann, and more, it’s become quite obvious to me I really like their sense of photographic style, but also the technology they use in post processing.

I have seen HDR for some time and never really ‘got it’, because there is so much crap around. Obviously a matter of opinion, but this being creativity work, it’s all about opinions. When it’s over the top and super stylized, I don’t dig it. But the good stuff is really, really good. What these guys do has made me look into the tools of the trade and give it a go myself.

These images are all taken in 3 exposure bracketed raw files and merged in Photomatix, with some additional treatments in Aperture. The files are huge, my Mac struggles, but the end results are interesting.

All taken March 1, between 2030 and 2130 Melbourne. It was raining, and pretty shitty to be honest. But I’m happy to be on the streets with a camera. Shot with a 28mm 1.8 at around f.8.

—apologies for the incorrect title of 22mm; it is 28mm—

One night in Sydney

Had a pretty crazy 24 hours that involved my Dad getting married to Gina, a flight to Sydney, dinner and then coming home. All pretty whirlwind crazy and fun – strange to leave a wedding when it’s all happening, and cool at the same time. Our hotel for the night was wonderful and had an awesome view of Sydney, and dinner was awesome. Even though the ‘holiday’ was ridiculously short, it was a great experience thanks to Dad and Gina.

Hardware Lane to Degraves Street, Melbourne, at Night

Having A Camera All The Time…

I needed to head to Melbourne to get some more memory and iTunes cards – I have video shoot, and I can’t run out of memory, and there’s a special on iTunes cards, which I can use to buy Aperture 3 at a lower price. In any-case, I took my new best friend, old X100. Yes, my Friday night best friend is a camera. So, no flash, no tripod, and very little light and these are a couple snaps I got.

As for the colour treatments, they are razzed up with the new Aperture 3 preset called Toy Camera. Some of the shots are pretty dark, but i prefer more blacks than too much noise. Many of these shots were at 3200 ISO; any higher and they really fall apart.