Canon 7D Vs FujiFilm X100


I’ve now had the x100 for a week and results have been very impressive. So much so, it’s looking to be my go-to camera over my 7D, despite the fact it’s not as flexible from a shooting perspective. The 7D has it’s place, but it’s looking to be the ‘formal’ guy.

In the week, I’ve had it in bars for live music, pubs for casual friend shots, an engagement party, had a couple of night walks and it’s really holding up. Auto focus is sometimes an issue, which is a real problem, because manual focus is kinda useless. What’s jumped at me is how well, and specifically against the 7D, the good photos turn out.

As a little test, I decided to take them out for a short walk and see how they both work at night with a very non scientific compare.


Canon 7D with 24-105L f4, shot at 24mm at f4 640 iso
FujiFilm x100, shot at 23mm at f4 640 iso

All shots have been taken with auto white balance and auto focus on tripods with 2 second timed delay. Shutter speed is varied, but is manually set based on the camera light metering. Both have APSC sensors, and the major difference in my shooting is the 23mm to 24mm field of view, but I think this is livable. Pictures are as is from camera – only resized down. No straightening, obviously, no color correction, no anything except for ‘web-i-fying’.

Last comments

I know the 7D is way more versatile, but the difference in size is so appealing. Just as a little comment on my walk, there were no accidental knocks with the X100, as compared to the 7D, bumping tripods and so on. When on my shoulder, I hardly noticed it – and nor do strangers. I know the X100 can’t do as much, what what it can do is be on me all the time.

The shots – 7D first, then X100

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Download hi-res "Bluestone Alley Richmond 7D " photo

Download hi-res "Bluestone Alley Richmond x100 " photo

Download hi-res "Church Street Building 7D " photo

Download hi-res "Church Street Building X100 " photo

Download hi-res "Crossing Button 7D " photo

Download hi-res "Crossing Button x100 " photo

Download hi-res "Fairmont Building 7D " photo

Download hi-res "Fairmont Building x100 " photo

Download hi-res "Lennox st house 7D " photo

Download hi-res "Lennox st house x100 " photo

Download hi-res "x_Crossing Button x100 f2 nostalgic filter " photo

Download hi-res "x_Crossing Button x100 f2 " photo

3 thoughts on “Canon 7D Vs FujiFilm X100

  1. U have really great image friend. i sold my 50d + lenses for a fuji x100 and an hasselblad 503 . I’m going to buy fuji in the next days and i know i will love it!

    I know I’m going to use much more that photocamera, and its versatility will let me to take more beautiful images…I’m going to change subject for my photos, from nature to street photography and portraits…

    my flickr account is up to date if u want to check
    i will follow your website for inspiration….

    see u

    (sorry for my english :D)

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